Established in 1972 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

GOWLER AGENCIES LTD, started under the hand of Jim Gowler marketing high end Furniture to the retail trade throughout the Prairie Provinces. With the experience of owning and developing one of the largest and most loved Furniture Stores in Southwest Manitoba in Boissevain Manitoba, Jim moved into Winnipeg where he quickly rose to Buyer for the T.Eaton Company. With the establishment of the Agency in 1972 he began selling to Eatons as well as other high end retailers throughout the West. 

Shortly thereafter we began the transition to Souvenir Tourist resort goods marketing to the retail trade throughout the west and later throughout the entire country.

Kent Gowler joined the Agency after University in 1985 , followed by Scott Gowler in 1990. 

Gowler Agencies Ltd currently is run under the leadership of Kent Gowler marketing, distributing and importing and continues to be a leader in the Wholesale tourist marketplace.